The Road to The Miasma War – Meet the Kappa

On the Lamb Games shows off another bit of concept art for Endless Fantasy Tactics with a look at the Kappa.


From the preview:

One of the earliest forms of life created by the Water Trolls, the Kappa have not developed beyond a stone age society. Their tribal units are ruled by Alpha Kappa, the strongest among their warriors. In Halleford, where their densest population exists, the Kappa are considered little more than vermin, harassing folk along the rivers and lakes of the fertile land. From time to time Kappa kidnap children in a vain attempt to ‘raise’ them as new Kappa. Commonly, a band of adventurers will come along and wipe out a particularly troublesome tribes.
In Arclight Mire, like many of the denizens of that magic-tinged swamp, the Kappa have become powerful aquamancers, casting spells to surprise even the most studious wizards. These Arclight Kappa are the closest to a real indigenous threat Halleford has. In recent years, these creatures have subsumed lesser Kappa tribes, teaching them water spells and leading them on raids of river towns that feed into the Arclight Mire.

With a decent 3 ATK and MAG, Kappa are great Mage Killers for their 1 point cost. Combined with the usual low MOV of casters, and the Slow effect caused by the Kappa generating water terrain, once a Kappa catches a mage, they’ll never get away. The Kappa is also a Summoned creature, for the low cost of 2 MP. The dismiss effect causes a Poison cone, creating a great ‘going away present’ for their opponents.