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The Ridend Are Up For Pre-Order from Tor Gaming

Tor Gaming is now taking pre-orders for the first couple sets for the Ridend, a new faction for Relics, their stitchpunk miniatures skirmish game. Though they're not all that impressive individually, the Ridend possess all the rabid determination of a miniature doberman pinscher. They'll gladly swarm over any opponent in acts of fearlessness and use a thousand paper cuts to bring down even the largest of foes.

The first three sets available to order are the Archers, Foot Knights, and the Kapolops Knights. The Archers and Foot Knights come in packages of 6, while the Kapolops Knights come in a package of 4. I must say, I like the look of these little fellows and feel that Tor Gaming's sculpting team really stepped up with these guys.

You can order your sets now and they'll begin shipping on the 22nd of June.