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The Ragged Man, a new RPG adventure from Laughing Moon, up on Kickstarter

Laughing Moon is looking to fund their first stand-alone adventure for their RPG system. Go check them out on Kickstarter.

From the announcement:

Laughing Moon is working on the very first stand-alone adventure for their fantasy-based RPG. The game, Adventures Under the Laughing Moon, is a good old-fashioned RPG with an emphasis on story-telling, character development.

The Ragged Man is the first stand-alone adventure for the Laughing Moon tabletop role-playing game. The story is a blend of fantasy and horror where players find themselves trapped within a gypsy camp as a legend from a campfire tale takes life. “The Ragged Man” is a vengeful spirit that terrorizes the camp and draws the player characters deeper into the roots of its tragic existence.

With full color artwork, new monsters, and a great story, this is a fun adventure that could easily be adapted to most gaming systems.

Previews of the art, and more information can be found on the Kickstarter campaign page. There a variety of great rewards for any and all who choose to support the project!