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The Princess and the Goblin Board Game Up On Kickstarter

The goblins are up to something... I mean, they're goblins, they tend to be up to something. So when Princess Irene saw that the magic thread that her great-grandmother had given her lead into the tunnels below the mountain, she didn't hesitate to follow it. It was there that she found Curdie, a miner who had become trapped in those tunnels while looking for clues to the goblin's plans. But caution must be taken, lest you get trapped in the tunnels, yourself! Can you make it back out to warn the kingdom in time?


Players place tiles on the board, face-down, having to remember which tiles went where. They then place "breadcrumbs." I.E. - markers for how they want to get back to the surface, as well as clues as to what the Goblins have been working on. When the time comes, they flip the tiles back over and hopefully have made it back safely to the surface.

The game's at half-funded with 13 days still left to go.