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The Prime Generation episode 17 posted

Episode 17 of the Prime Generation, Warmachine and Hordes, podcast is now available. From their announcement:
Welcome to episode 17, and the start of a new rhythm for us. We’re talking up some of the new models, the league and the highs and lows of the Minion Book. Between Sean and the variety of topics, we’re in for another epic cast.
  • :15 Speed Round
  • 4:40 Ranking Officers
  • 18:31 NQ 34 Tiers
  • 29:04 League Models
  • 40:45 Minions
  • 41:35 Pacts
  • 43:20 Tiers
  • 52:50 Casters
  • 1:13:34 Generic Minions
  • 1:27:24 Crocs
  • 1:39:30 Farrow
The show is available on our site,, as well as on iTunes. We appreciate all feedback, Speed Round questions, or even just a quick hello at our email,