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The Plot Thickens Storytelling Card Game Up On Indiegogo

Storytelling is as old as communication. It's been an integral part of society since we were all sitting around fires, talking about the last mastodon hunt. Since that time, many different games have looked to bring a bit of structure to collective storytelling. The Plot Thickens is one such game, and it's up now on Indiegogo.

In the game, players are given a hand of cards and must collectively tell a story. The different sets involve different genres. It could be a sci-fi story, or a detective story, or a romance story. Or you can mix sets together to come up with multi-genre tales. As you play and expand on your narrative, you'll earn Plot points. The player with the most points at the end gets to decide how the story concludes. Players will also make connections between their cards and others, with the player whose card gets used the most being the one who names the story.

The Indiegogo campaign is up and running now. They're 67% of the way to their goal with 18 days left on the clock.