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The Phoenix that is Torn Armor

Torn Armor has regrouped and put forth their plans for moving forward with their game.


From the update:


So it has been a tough week and I wanted to see what developed before I posted an update.

Before I get into that I want to thank YOU.

We had tremendous support from so, so many people, gaming companies, and miniature manufacturers. I can honestly say that I was blown away by it all. But more importantly this support gave us options for moving forward and this will be the subject for tonight's update.

Not only that, but we received support from companies who simply wished to chip-in:

Centerstage Miniatures will be running a promotion of Torn World miniatures, with every dime being donated to Torn Armor.

Fat Dragon have offered a free map set for EVERY BACKER ($15 value). We'll post details on this now that things have settled down a little.

We've even had companies approach us about producing our miniatures at vastly reduced prices. In short the support we have received has been the embodiment of the very spirit of our gaming world and it humbles me.

But - and perhaps this will be an odd thing to say - I also wish to thank the backers who "gave me a hard time." It's not just about the hugs and the well-wishes, but it's equally about the passion behind those who shout out in anger, for without that passion we would have been missing something from our Kickstarter and this game. We want our backers to be passionate and we realize that this passion will sometimes be directed _against_ us, but without passion for gaming what else is there?

So thank you backers and supporters in general: the well wishes AND the demands for improvement have been equally valid and appreciated.

--- --- ---

So What Happens Now?

Torn Armor happens, that's what.

We got a kick in the throat from Defiance Games I will not lie to you, but we regrouped, thought things through, looked at the remaining funds, work done, and the growing community support and we formulated a plan. This plan - I believe - is the way forward.

1) We're going to split the miniatures away from the game as "deliverables." The miniatures have had their own challenges and they've held everything up, but at the end of the day there's no need for that. I originally planned to ship everything in one batch per backer, but in the light of recent events I'm not going to stick with this.

We split the game, rules, maps, unit cards, dice, Reaper dragon, etc into "Phase 1." We'll be including card miniatures so you can get down and play immediately, but ultimately the important thing is that we get the game printed and delivered to you asap. Nothing holds this back.

2) While simultaneously we investigate the offers from around the world for supporting our miniatures. And we do have options. And we do intend to deliver on them.

But the miniatures are a different timeline and they have their own challenges, so instead of bundling them up in the box we're going to make them "optional boxed expansion sets," and the majority of our backers will get them!

Now .. timelines:

In this update I cannot talk about specific timelines; I have to be more general. No, I am not hiding anything from you, but there are some realities of manufacturing here:

- We are refreshing our printer quotes/timelines and as soon as I have these in and locked down I will share with you. My *gut* says 3 months, but hold on that until we get the actual quotes in. We're prioritizing this and it is extremely important to us.

- For the miniatures ... things are going to vary depending on who we use and how we go about it. I can't even speculate at this point, but I am surrounded by people wanting to make them happen. I need a little time to nail down the options. Once we have that nailed down the timeline will shape itself and we will have that particular conversation.

In either instance you guys ARE getting your miniatures, okay? I know you are financially invested and I respect that. But more than that, you put some trust in us ... some of you even got out there and helped spread the word ... and I am *NOT* going to leave you hanging like that. We will deliver.

So ... Defiance?

Defiance have indicated twice a desire to offer forth a plan to reimburse our money and told me twice when they would make those offers. They did not meet either one.

We are now in legal proceedings and our attorney will be negotiating for us.

Regardless of ... them ... we're proceeding with Torn Armor, because - frankly - you have to do a whole lot more than lie to me and take my money to stop me delivering on a dream.

~ Natalya