The Phantom of the Dogfight

Fantasy Flight Games has a preview up of the 4th and final ship for Wave 4 of the X-Wing Miniatures Game with a look at the TIE Phantom.

Tie Phantom


From the preview:

Changes are coming. When they arrive at retailers, the starfighters that comprise the fourth wave of X-Wing™ expansion packs are going to promote an explosion of diversity and squad-building creativity that will reach from the most casual elements of game play to the highest tiers of tournament competition.

The squad-building rules for X-Wing allow players to pair their starship miniatures with cards that represent different pilots and upgrades. As a result, the game permits a tremendous variety of different potential builds for both Rebel and Imperial squads. Still, the game’s fourth wave of starship expansions is going to vastly multiply the variety of squads that you’re likely to face. This is because it places new emphasis upon the game’s ship cards and upgrades. Pilot skill is bound to matter more than ever before, and one of the key factors in this impending shift is the TIE Phantom Expansion Pack.