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The Phalanx Consortium to produce and distribute games from Space Monkeys Down

The Phalanx Consortium will be the producers and distributors for games from Space Monkeys Down.



From the announcement:

The Phalanx Consortium would like to announce that they will be the producers and distributors for a new line of games from the fine folks at Space Monkeys Down, LLC (SMD). We have enjoyed our time working with SMD to set up our working relationship and we are extremely excited about their game idea and working with them to bring their concepts to the market.

“Like the first monkeys in space, we at Space Monkeys Down are beginning our journey to new frontiers. All successful journeys require good partnerships and we are excited to have The Phalanx Consortium as our partner in this endeavor. We are confident that with their support our vision for new and exciting games that interoperate with each other will come to fruition.” – Aj Comfort, President SMD

So on behalf of us here at The Phalanx Consortium we would like thank the team at SMD for their belief in our abilities, and we will do our best to turn their ideas into a reality that we can be proud of having a part in producing.