The paper Austrians have arrived for Grand Manoeuvre

Grand Manoeuvre released the British and French paper miniatures before. Now they've got Germans and Austrians available.


From the release:

The new Paper Strength Units Austrian Army pack has twenty-six pdf files and it comprises of; German and Hungarian line musketeers and grenadiers, Jagers, Grenzers and Musketeers skirmishing (all with formed supports), medium and heavy foot artillery with cavalry batteries, and numerous cavalry types; Cuirassiers, Dragoons, Chevauleger, Hussars and Uhlans.

This basic Austrian army pack costs £5. GBP

A smaller Hungarian Insurrection & Austrian Landwehr pack will follow.

The Austrian Army Pack contains the following units:

German Grenadiers
Musketeers Yellow & Green Facings
Musketeers Red & Blue Facings
Hungarian Grenadiers
Hungarian Musketeers

Grenzers Skirmishing
Jagers Skirmishing
Third Rank Musketeers Skirmishing

1st & 3rd Cuirassiers
2nd & 6th Cuirassiers
2nd Dragoons
3rd & 4th Dragoons
6th Dragoons
1st, 2nd, 3rd & 6th Chevauleger
5th Chevauleger
4th Hussars
5th Hussars
10th Hussars
1st Uhlans
2nd Uhlans
3rd Uhlans
Six-Horse Gun Teams Cavalry Artillery

Medium Artillery
Heavy Artillery
Four-Horse Gun Teams
Six-Horse Gun Teams

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