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The Painting Frog Makes A visit to Mantic Games

The Painting Frog posted up notes from their trip to Mantic's HQ before their recent move to a new location.



From the post:

So how does one company goes from the ugly duckling to the swan it is today, from a company seen only as a cheaper brand of models into one of the leading companies in the wargaming and miniature business, with brilliant original IP in the form of their brand new Dreadball and Deadzone franchises and renewed Kings of War?

Decided to find out the reasons for myself I came up with the idea of stopping by Mantic Games while visiting Nottingham, so I did what any reasonable chap should do, I picked up the phone and rang them asking if I could stop by for a visit.

The phone was answered by a very amicable fellow named Andrew Whelan who not only said yes to my request but also seemed genuinely interested to have me over for a visit, so I departed Brazil full of expectations about visiting them, but also having absolutely no idea about what laid ahead or what to expect about it.