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The Painted Dice Company, a new custom dice-making source

The Painted Dice Company is a new company that's making custom painted dice. Have a new die you'd like? They can help you out.


From them to you:

A brand new company set up to design and manufacturer custom dice. This company has been created after the founder Mike Herrington wanted to use more colourful and thematic dice in his wargames. Nobody produces small runs of ten to twenty dice, so he decided to create his own. After producing some he found there was interest from other gamers and so The Painted Dice Company was born. Some dice are available off the shelf to buy, or commissions can be taken to produce unique dice for your wargame or when prototyping a brand new game. He will also be selling painted models and wargames figures from the website as well. So have a look at the site and you may find something of interest.