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The Others: 7 Sins Headed Through Stretch Goals

Well, seems the sinful among you, and those of pure FAITH, have taken quite a shining to The Others: 7 Sins, the new game from CoolMiniOrNot and Guillotine Games, with miniatures by Studio McVey. The game has made over $300k in their first 24 hours. As such, there's been plenty of busted stretch goals, including another Sin added to the box set.

There's been quite a variety of unlocked stretch goals. There are a pair of heroes. There's some new sculpts for Abominations. There's a pair of new game tiles with which to build your city under siege. There's a soundtrack that will add some ambiance to your game sessions. There's also the new Greed sin.

This was all just in the first day of the campaign. There's still 26 days left. What more will be unlocked? You'll only find out with your pledges to the campaign.