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The Orr Group on Roll20 Game System Use

Roll20 had The Orr Group take a look at the various game systems that their users employed during their gaming sessions and compile the information into a handy chart showing the percentage that each game took up.

Game Percentages


From the report:

THE ORR GROUP INDUSTRY REPORT is an overview of tabletop gaming ruleset popularity
based on usage data from Roll20 Virtual Tabletop.

Based on a sample size of approximately 25,000 games and 15,000 players.
Notes on how information is gathered:

? “Games” = % of games where the Game Master said “this is what we’re playing.”
? “Players” = % of players who were active in the quarter and filled in the “this is what I
enjoy playing” field on their profile.
? Percentages will total more than 100% because each player/game can have more than
one game type designated. This is extremely common for players and rare for the
? This only takes into account games/players which were active (e.g. game was played,
player played at least one game) during the 3rd Quarter of 2014.
? This is meant to be a representative sample, as it only takes into account games and
players who filled out relevant fields on their game page/profile. There was significantly
more than 25k games and 15k players who played in this quarter, but many do not fill out
these fields.
? The list of available games to select were curated by Roll20’s staff based on previous
survey results, and will be changing in the future.