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The Orcs in the Webbe 2013 Advent Calendar is Now Live

Orcs in the Webbe have posted up their annual Advent Calendar over on their website.


From the announcement:

Heya Folks!

The 2013 Advent Calendar is now live. For the next 24 days Orcs in the Webbe (OITW) will provide you with a new article every day, each one filled with gaming goodness as we count down to Christmas.

The layout is slightly different this year as I really wanted to capture the feel of an advent calendar. I will be posting here every day at some point with a direct link to let you know what's online and also providing a launching point for what I'm sure will be animated discussion. However if you don't want to wait and like to open your advent calendar in the morning you can head over to the main OITW page everyday after 7am GMT and see what's been revealed - the windows are jumbled up, just like an actual advent calendar so if you can't see a particular day scroll down, all 24 windows are there.