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The next Chapter in the Torn Armor Saga

Torn Armor posted up another update on how things are going with the project in the wake of the situation with Defiance.
As of this posting, there has not been any sort of response from Defiance.


From the update:

All -

I was going to post an update tonight showing you all of the maps that will be available in the game and a breakdown of all the printed components, but some news came in today that may well dominate what I have to say. So let's start with the news and see if the maps will get posted tomorrow ;)

While "the industry" has a few bad apples, from time to time a company rises up out of the gloom as "one of the good ones." The following companies are examples of this:

Center Stage Miniatures

Center Stage Miniatures are running a special deal right now with proceeds being dedicated to our Kickstarter. That's right: sales of the Torn World miniatures bundle are being dedicated to us in order to help us recoup the non-refunded Defiance Games funds.

Torn Armor Bundle Special Torn Armor Bundle Special All proceeds from the sale of this one-time offer will benefit the TORN ARMOR Kickstarter project. Get ALL SEVEN Torn World miniatures for only $39.95! This one time offer includes: (1) Goblin Pirate Captain, (1) Goblin Pirate First mate, (1) Dark Mermaid Princess, (1) Blackwater Mage, (1) Telza the Gnome, (1) "Red", and (1) Lich King. Special offer ends on 3.1.14. Please consider this item, as it will help not just a great new company, but it wall also help ensure that backers of the Torn Armor KS receive their rewards. Remember, every little bit helps!

Now some of you will have these miniatures coming to you are part of your Kickstarter, but for those who do not this may be a great time to get in on their very generous offer. Also tell your friends and help spread the word. We'll be fighting to get the funds returned, but in the interim this type of generosity will help in how we proceed forward!

And of course it would be remiss of me to not mention that they also have their second Tome of Horrors Kickstarter running right now:

Lesser Gnome Games

Lesser Gnome Games have also offered to help and we will be posting news on this in the next 24-48hrs. Hint: I drew a very large map for their Whisper & Venom game and they are offering prints of it for a special, special deal ...

Reaper Miniatures

There is nothing in concrete on this yet (is that even a phrase?) But I can say that we have spoken and their words are very encouraging. Again: nothing in stone and lots of discussions to be had, but they are truly, truly one of the most supportive companies out there and I am honored to know them to any degree.

Let's do maps and printed materials tomorrow ;)

~ Natalya