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The Networks Tabletop Strategy Game Up On Kickstarter

Alton Brown once said that soon, everyone was going to have their own TV network and their own spice rub. Well, Formal Ferret Games is giving you a chance to practice at one of those. No, this isn't a card game where you get to work at making your own spice blend. The Networks puts you in charge of your own TV channel. It's sort of like UHF, the game, but without aliens or Weird Al.

Players start out with three public access television shows and a little bit of money. It's then up to them to build their network into the most-watched one in all the land. Schedule new shows, run ad campaigns, recruit stars to endorse your network. But be careful, your competition is looking to steal away those shows and advertisers and celebrities for themselves. You have to be quick. You have to be shrewd.

The campaign is about 2/3 to their funding goal already with still 27 days to go.