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The Midland Chronicles Fantasy RPG Handbook Now Available

A new fantasy RPG is available for your downloading and playing pleasure. It's called The Midland Chronicles and it mixes many high-fantasy elements with supernatural horror (think Tolkien meets Lovecraft). The game uses its own combat system called the D20ZERO system. There's 10 different races you can play, along with 24 classes. You can either get the full book digitally (print versions coming soon) or you can check out a free preview version.

About the game:

The game takes place in a medieval world imbued with magic and stalked by darkness. Similar to the standards tabletop bestselling rpg games as D&D or Pathfinder, but with a background of supernatural terror such as "The call of C´thulhu" since all pcs may suffer from fear and flee, become insane or suffer from a sudden death. All players may choose among 10 differents races and 24 character classes(there are no dual classes or multiclass characters), with 20 character levels starting from level 0. Each class begins with 10 skills & feats, each time the character levels up he/she will gain 1 development point which the player may use to improve an attribute score or skill, or acquire a new skill or feat. There are no experience points(XP) to avoid competitive attitudes or metagaming, and it is up to the GM to decide when the players may level up. Moreover, players may improve their equipment, acquire properties, contract sexual diseases, become part of a guild or faction, become wanted criminals, create magic objects, buy exotic pets such as a pet dragon, etc...

There's a free preview version you can find here.