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The Meeple Wave

Meeple Source has a Kickstarter campaign running for custom-made character meeple board game pieces. They're well above their funding goal and still have 10 days left to go on the campaign.


From the campaign:

We started making full-color, detailed Character Meeples in 2011. While our current product line has slowly grown to include more than 30 Character Meeples, we have received tons of requests for more! Rather than releasing only a few of the ideas at a time, slowly over the course of the next few years, we want to work together with you, our backers, to make far more characters available right away!

With your help, we can make all of this meeply awesomeness happen! We are starting with an amazing 50 characters, but the potential is there to unlock even more choices via our stretch goals! PLUS as a backer, you'll have a say in what some of those extra characters will be!

With rewards from simply one set of your absolute favorite character, all the way to levels that include a full set of all 50 characters PLUS all the unlocked stretch goal characters, we have something for everyone! You could even be immortalized as a Character Meeple!