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The Meeple Mechanic talks with Dustin Bluhm about Stipulations

The Meeple Mechanic sits down and talks with Dustin Bluhm about the creation of Stipulations, the party card game that's up on Kickstarter now. Check out another episode of "The Fiver" as it's known.


From the post:

Hello friend, stay awhile, and listen.

I’m Dustin Bluhm, a three-time entrepreneur, hiker and backpacker, father of 3 (and husband of one), a professor at the University of Colorado, and a board gamer.

Designing a game has always been a dream of mine. But my initial attempts were for educational games and the excitement just wasn’t there for me to take them anywhere. At a New Year’s party welcoming in 2014, we were sitting around with about 14 people trying to figure out a game we could all play. We ended up with Telestrations, which we had all played at least 20 times, and it just didn’t have the same appeal that it did the first few times we played it. That was the turning point that got me thinking about the need for a more versatile party game.