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The Meeple Mechanic Interviews Sam Coates about Epic Dice Tower Defense

The Meeple Mechanic has another The Fiver session with another game designer. This time, they talk with Sam Coates of Potluck Games about their Epic Dice Tower Defense game that's currently up on Kickstarter.


From the post:

Hi, this is Sam Coates from Potluck Games, and I’ll be adding comments from Mason Moore and Renn Smith, the other designers behind Epic Dice TD. We’ve all worked in the hobby and game industry for years. We became acquainted at Blue Table Painting, in Utah. BTP is a company that converts and paints miniatures.

Game design started out as a hobby, as we discussed games we liked and games we would like to see. Potluck Games published their first Game, Dungeon Dice through Kickstarter, and is currently fulfilling the expansion.

About a year ago, as we were running the second Dungeon Dice campaign, Renn, Mason and I began brainstorming ideas for a tower defense dice game. Our plan was to create three concepts and prototypes, and then run with the best one. Epic Dice: Tower Defense was by far the best one, with tons of flexibility, tons of dice rolling, solid strategy, and simple rules.

The game is already funded, and we still have a few weeks left in the project, so we’re bound to add a lot more dice than initially planned! If you like dice games or tower defense games, you’re sure to enjoy Epic Dice TD.