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The Meeple Mechanic Interviews Jason Tagmire about Pretense

The Meeple Mechanic continues their "The Fiver" question series with Jason Tagmire from Button Shy Games. This time they take a look at the design behind Pretense, the game night metagame.


From the post:

Hello my name is Jason Tagmire and I’m from South Jersey. I’ve been designing board games since 2008 and my first big release was Pixel Lincoln in 2012/2013. Since then I’ve designed games with AEG, Wizkids, Eagle Gryphon, and most recently, Button Shy, my own small independent publishing company.

Pixel Lincoln wasn’t the first game that I made, but the first that you’ll have heard of. I designed it with Island Officials originally to be a video game, but after a few years of development I switched over to the design of the deckbuilding game. It was a huge success on Kickstarter and spawned 6 expansions. Since then I’ve designed Maximum Throwdown for AEG, as well as Maximum Throwdown: Overload for their elusive 2014 Black Box. I also co-designed the Quarriors expansion Quest of the Qladiator, which was an amazing experience. And most recently I’ve been publishing games as Button Shy, with Storyteller Cards, Movie Plotz, and now Pretense.