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The Martian Weird World War has begun

Mantic is expanding their Mars Attacks world off the gridded battlefield of Greenville and taking to the wide-open spaces of a miniatures gaming tabletop. Mars Attacks: World War expands on the basics of the Mars Attacks board game to make it a fully-customizable miniatures skirmish game. Now you can make your own forces to fight the Martian invasion... or BE the Martian invasion, whichever you choose. They've also got a special deal going on where you can get the World War book for free if you order the Mars Attacks box game from their webstore before May 24th.

From the announcement:

Greenville was just a skirmish – now the real war for Earth begins! Take your Mars Attacks games to the next level with open scenarios, larger maps and free selection of troops for your army of choice. Will you take the defenders of humanity, massing troops and trucks led by mighty heroes? Or the numberless hordes of the Martian Empire, led by the most dastardly and deadly warlords the galaxy has ever seen? Either way, it’s time to go big or go home!

Mars Attacks: World War and a new range of Mars Attacks Army Sets are now available to pre-order from all good hobby retailers and the Mantic Games Webstore. They will begin shipping in May!