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The Ludus Magnus Studio presents Nova Aetas - Dark Renaissance Tactical Game

Ludus Magnus Studio has announced Nova Aetas, their new Dark Renaissance tactical game they're working on.


From the announcement:

Ludus Magnus Studio was made with the intent to give birth to the "Nova Aetas" project.

Nova Aetas - Dark Renaissance Tactical Game is a battleboard game of which we will reveal details and clues on this channel ...

Stay tuned!

"Time is a child playing at draughts, a child's kingdom"

Who's who?

In everyday life we are three guys who would enjoy playing all day; the good part is anyway that we have over twenty years experience in the field, and at least 50000 play hours on our back. We are three game brothers, who have suffered defeat and enjoyed glory at the table, three creative minds always at work with different and specific skills:

Luca - Archaeologist , the one who digged in the actual Ludus Magnus, he is taking care of public relations, contacts, multimedia and game development.

Andrea – Team Creative, after studying at the Roman School of Comics, he is the artistic area chief, being the one developing the new ideas from the concept to the real stuff.

Daniele - The mathematician, works with statistics, accounting, and the supplier relationship, always looking for originality in other games gaming mechanics, and taking care of the continuous development of ours.