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The Lords of Rock Pledge Manager Now Available

Over last weekend I re-discovered Batmetal. And with it, of course, Dethklok. So my Sunday was filled with some heavy metal goodness. It would've been a perfect time to be playing some Lords of Rock (y'know, if it were already out, anyway). The pledge manager for it is now open. So if you missed out on the original Kickstarter, you can jump in now.

In the game, players pick out one of the various pantheons as the one they'll make a band out of. Select your four band members (vocals, guitar, bass, and drums) and find a venue to rock at. Then, play set list cards to either enhance your own group or to hurt your opposition's bands. The group that rocks out harder will collect more soul stones. After two rounds, the group with the most soul stones is the winner and will be the Lords of Rock for all time.

Editor's note: I absolutely love the artwork for this game, by the way. Kinda wish there was a "get all the digital art" pledge level. Seems there'd be at least one or two possible tattoos in the group.