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The Little Metal Dog Show podcast posts episode 73

The Little Metal Dog Show has posted episode 73 of their podcast up online for your listening pleasure.


In this episode:

Something of a thematic hangover for this first episode of 2014 – it’s more space and more ponies! First up, I get to chat with Joey Vigour from Mirror Box Games about their first Kickstarter – Chaosmos. A fantastic game that takes inspiration from the classic Cosmic Encounter, the KS campaign has been spectacularly successful already, and on hearing our chat you’ll see why. Joey and the team have such passion for their creation, it’s fantastic to see them do well! I’m also joined by Darrell Hardy, lead designer on the My Little Pony CCG, who gives us an insight into how you go about putting together a whole new game from scratch as well as reveals his new project: Ghost Punchers!