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The legions of Mars have arrived - build your Skitarii army

Games Workshop is also on the 40k web bundle train like Forge World is and has some new ones available over in their webshop for their new faction, the Skitarii. There's 3 different "full army" web bundles, from just a couple units, all the way up to a pretty significant fighting force. You can all get a bundle with a trio of their new walkers. All of them are available for pre-ordering now.

From the website:

Controlled and monitored from orbit by Adeptus Mechanicus Tech-Priests, the Skitarii War Cohort has been the last thing seen by entire civilisations. A crushing display of force comprising three entire Battle Maniples, the War Cohort is a fearsome foe to be underestimated at peril.

This huge, awesome bundle contains everything needed to make the War Cohort, found in Codex: Skitarii. It contains a staggering ninety-nine models - thirty Skitarii Vanguard, thirty Skitarii Rangers, fifteen Sicarian Ruststalkers, fifteen Sicarian Infiltrators, three Sydonian Dragoons, three Ironstrider Balistarii and three Onager Dunecrawlers. Each of these miniatures features various posing options and weapons.