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The Kyngdoms posts The Zinedoms issue 4

The Kyngdoms has posted issue #4 of The Zinedoms up online for your reading pleasure.

In this issue:

The Kyngdoms brings you the May edition of the Zinedoms, a monthly e-zine all about the The Kyngdoms fantasy world.

This month’s issue takes a detailed look at the Longstaff Wizards, an arcane organization dedicated to furthering their knowledge of the arcane arts. Although they can be found almost anywhere throughout Arrassia, they have found Karnish and its empire more affable and accepting of their mysterious ways and can be found controlling many of that country’s arcane guilds, giving them a significant voice, both in the guild and in political circles.

As well as looking at the Longstaff Wizard’s themselves, we also take a stroll through the towers they inhabit and which can be found dotted in cities throughout Arrasia. They also control a significant magic and alchemy trade and run shops through which to sell their wares and generate the vast income required to maintain their research.

You will also find this months releases of Blackfen, all brought together for you to enjoy. We began the month continuing our exploration of the gangs of Blackfen over two weeks, bringing you ideas to flesh out as you please. Religion and magic in Blackfen were also covered, both of which help better your understanding of the city.

And finally, after 4 issues of the Zinedoms we’d be interested to know what you, our readers, would like us to explore. Is there anywhere in particular that grabs your attention? Some place that you’d like to know more about? Let us know and we’ll see what we can do