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The Kyngdoms Posts Religion in Blackfen

The Kyngdoms posts up more about the City of Blackfen with a look at the religions within the city limits.

From the article:

Religion plays an important role throughout Arrasia, and Blackfen is no different. With eleven religions vying amongst themselves in the popularity stakes, the people of Blackfen have a wide range of churches to choose from. Many like to support more than one church, choosing which Aslah to pray to according to their needs, while others remain devout to only one.

Despite the competition between the churches, they are dominated by Holy Fandorians. The Abbey of Fandor is a magnificent cathedral that is the first building encountered when entering the city and which looms large, visible from almost anywhere. The Fandorians also have two seats on the Assembly of Nine, which represents the nine legal churches of the city, giving them a significant power advantage, as well as having a permanent seat on the City Council.

Despite the power of the Fandorians, all the churches play an important role amongst the community and are well represented. Though tension often exists between them, often on a theological basis, they nonetheless work well together when needed to oppose the City Council and push through humanitarian policies, much to the chagrin of city officials.