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The Kyngdoms Posts Guilds in Blackfen

The Kyngdoms continues their exploration of Blackfen in their latest article, looking at guilds.

From the article:

This week The Kyngdoms takes a look at guilds in Blackfen. Guilds play a major role throughout Karnish and the vast majority of artisans are members. Most guilds are optional to join - though the benefits of being a guild member are usually enough to persuade most to join - though some professions are required by law to join a guild appropriate to their trade.

In Blackfen there are 19 guilds, ranging from the Roofer's and Builder's Guild through to Apothecaries, Alchemist's and Arcanists Guild, and covering nearly all professions. These guilds represent their member's rights and give them a voice in City Council meetings, where the Councilors represent, or fight against, their views. Guilds also have a powerful influence over their own trade, controlling the market and prices that goods are sold at.

Most guild members are Journeymen, who are the rank and file of their profession. These members perform the majority of work carried out in their field and their ability can range anywhere from poor through to good. Many have apprentices who learn their trade by working alongside their journeymen masters, and who will eventually go on themselves to become journeymen of their profession. Of course, the very best rise to the top and are considered to be Master Craftsmen, who usually command high prices and work for the wealthy.