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The Kyngdoms Posts Gangs of Blackfen (Part 3)

The Kyngdoms continues their examination of the Gangs of Blackfen in their latest post.

From the article:

In the third and final article on the gangs of Blackfen, The Kyngdoms takes a look at the newest of the gangs, the South Fen Boys, who have emerged as a major player and a deadly rival to the Westons for control over the underbelly of Old Palisade Town.

The emergence of the South Fen Boys has seen a major increase in criminal activity in Blackfen and the blood feud between the gangs, but especially between the South Fen Boys and the Westons, has been vicious. Little is known about the South Fen Boys, except that their influence stretches well up the political strata. Their leader remains a complete mystery and despite desperate attempts by the Westons to use their extensive network of contacts to uncover the mystery, they have yet to do so.

The rise of the South Fen Boys has been dramatic and rapid and they now control many of the black markets of Old Palisade Town. Like the Westons before them, they have yet to challenge the strength of the Black Bears who control much of North Blackfen, though since the majority of their focus has been on seeing off the Westons, their strength in that regard still remains unknown - like much of the organization!