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The Kyngdoms Posts Gangs of Blackfen (Part 2)

The Kyngdoms continues their look at the City of Blackfen with part 2 of their delve into the gangs in the city.

From the article:

In the last article on Blackfen, The Kyngdoms took a look at the criminal gangs of the city, and in particularThe Black Bears, a violent organization who control much of Northern Blackfen and especially the lucrative Blackfen Bay Port.

This week, we take a look at the second of the three major gangs in Blackfen, the Westons. The most established of the gangs, for a long time the Westons had little in the way of opposition. The growth of North Blackfen saw the emergence of The Black Bears, whose power has grown as North Blackfen has grown. However, it is the more recent emergence of a third gang, the South Fen Boys, which has seen an outbreak of widespread violence as they vie for control of Old Palisade Town.

The Westons have seen many of their markets and contacts lost to the South Fen Boys and their power is not what it once was. Their leader, Garan Weston, understands only too well that their continued survival is on the line and has unleashed an unparalleled level of violence against their enemies, but as yet to no avail.