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The Kyngdoms Posts Gangs of Blackfen (Part 1)

The Kyngdoms continues their look into the city of Blackfen with a peek into gang life.
Damn it feels good to be a gangster.

From the update:

Every city is marred by its criminal underbelly and Blackfen is no different - indeed, due to its location on the war-torn border with The Fallen Lands, Blackfen attracts more than its fair share of shady and murderous characters, including many pirates who live along the edges of the swamps and bogs that surround the city. Inside Blackfen, three gangs vie for control of the city in a perpetual struggle for supremacy. Over the next three weeks we will take a look at all three gangs and the role they play in the city.

This week's article takes a look at The Black Bears who control much of Northern Blackfen and who under the bloody hand of Kroknic 'The Ugly' - a young female part-orc - have strengthened their hold of Blackfen Bay Port and many of the outlying villages, leaving the Westons and South Fen Boys to fight it out for the lucrative, but bloody market of Old Palisade Town.