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The Kyngdoms Posts Blackfen Politics

The Kyngdoms gives a look into the politics of the city of Blackfen.

From the update:

Karnish and its Empire grew out of the chaos of war, but quickly established a political and social structure that allowed it to rise to the top and has been the foundation upon which their success was built. Despite recent declines since their war with Zykerathox, the political structure has remained in place and continues to serves the nation and its people well. Blackfen is no exception and being on the front line of the war, the structures long put in place now serve the city and its people to maintain their everyday lives.

The city of Blackfen is controlled by a City Council, consisting of 10 semi-elected members. All of the races are permanently represented on the Council, and the remaining Council seats are voted on every ten years. Although these seats are decided upon democratically, few of the ordinary people of Blackfen (or, indeed, of Karnish) are eligible to vote, with only the privileged few having the mandate.

The City Council is the foremost power in the city, deciding on policy and governing the city. They are only answerable to the Karnish Crown itself, which can overrule any decision the Council make. The Crown also sets taxation rates and policy, which must be upheld by the Council. All of the members of the City Council are significant members of Blackfen, generally highly regarded and capable, and, of course, wield significant influence and power.