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The Kyngdoms Posts Blackfen Dragon's Claw Inn

The Kyngdoms continues their look at the City of Blackfen with a view inside the Dragon's Claw Inn.

From the post:

After bringing you the first of our keyed areas last week in the form of The Abbey of Fandor and the Hospital of the Holy Fandorians, this week The Kyngdoms continue to explore the streets of Blackfen with our second keyed area, The Dragon's Claw Inn. As well as an overview of this establishment, we also introduce to its occupants, include a map of the building, plus offer an adventure hook for you to explore and build upon.

The Dragon's Claw is a small inn established on the main route into Blackfen. Although it captures some of the passing trade of those passing into and out of Blackfen, The Dragon's Claw mainly serves the local farmers and farm hands who are always ready to play hard after a long days work out in the field. During the day it is often empty and quiet, except for a couple of old farm hands, but during the evenings its comes to life and is often full to the brim.