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The Kyngdoms Posts Blackfen City Themes (Part 3)

The Kyngdoms continues their series of Blackfen City Themes with installment 3.

From the update:

This week The Kyngdoms brings you the third and final part exploring the themes that dominate the chattering classes of Blackfen. In the previous two articles we’ve looked at the defense of the city and the effect of the Black Undeath of Zykerathox, religious tensions, plus the long standing bloody feud between two of the city’s prominent families. This week, we explore a little more of the world around Blackfen.

As well as a brief look at the criminal gangs in Blackfen (which will be explored in detail in future articles), this week takes a quick look at Black Lake, on which Blackfen sits, so it should come as no surprise that it plays an important part in the lives of the people. The city is also surrounded by swamp, primarily in the shape of Billet Bog and the much larger Kirn Swamp, which surrounds much of Black Lake. Both are home to a variety of nasty creatures, as well as pirates. Finally, we finish off by taking a stroll to The Hanging Hill, where local executions take place, and Gibbet Grove – a supposedly haunted forest where the trees are cut down to make the gibbets used on The Hanging Hill!

Next week, we began a new three part series, this time looking into the criminal gangs who vie for control over the city.