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The Kyngdoms posts Blackfen City Themes part 2

The Kyngdoms has posted up their City of Blackfen Themes part 2 over on their website.

From the article:

After a quick interlude last week where we brought you a map of the surrounding area, helping to give a good idea of where the city is located and what can be found around it, we return this week to our exploration of the themes that dominate the city. In our previous article (Part 1) we looked at two of the major issues that dominate the city – namely, its defense and the Black Undeath of Zykerathox.

This week we bring you two more important themes that get the tongues wagging among the local population. Firstly we take a look at religion and its struggle against the City Council to try and get a new wall built around the city. We also look into the feud between two powerful families, the Hirgots and Vendires, which can be traced back several hundred years and which has brought both intrigue and murder to the city.

Next week we will complete our look into the themes of the city, with our third part in the series, looking briefly at the gangs which dominate the city, as well as a look at some of those places on the area map, including Kirn Swamp and Billet Bog, plus The Hanging Hill and Gibbet Grove.