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The Kyngdoms Posts Blackfen- Buildings

The Kyngdoms gives us a further view into the city of Blackfen with a look at the buildings that make up the city.

From the update:

The release schedule for The Kyngdoms is coming thick and fast at the moment! After the release of our 5th Issue of the Zinedoms, this week we continue our exploration of the city of Blackfen. Last week we took a look at the people who live in the city, so it only makes sense to have a peek at the typical dwellings in which they live.

For the most part, the houses of Blackfen are wooden or stone with tiled roofs. Of course, like anywhere in Arrasia, where you live entirely depends upon the wealth available to you. Mostly, buildings tend to be double story inside Old Palisade Town and single story outside of the palisade, but either way typical dwellings consist of a single room which acts as kitchen, bedroom and communal space. The wealthier, of course, live in larger houses with more rooms and the very wealthy live in large houses with servants.

Most people in Blackfen - and Karnish in general - do not own their own properties, which tend to be owned by the wealthy landlords. They rent out their houses for a fee. Usually, the fees remain stable and within the means of those living there, but when rent increases occur disquiet can lead to tensions and even rioting, something the landlords fear enough to keep their rates fair - for the most part, at least! Despite people not owning their own properties, families nonetheless tend to stay in the same property for many generations and evictions can lead to deep resentment and, often, violence.