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The Kyngdoms posts Blackfen area map

The Kyngdoms gives us a look at the area around Blackfen with a view of the map.

From them to you:

The Kyngdoms has brought you plenty of detail about Blackfen over recent weeks – enough to give you a good idea of the type of place it is and the type of people who live there. Cities, however, don’t exist in a vacuum and have a huge impact and influence on the land around them. This week, The Kyngdoms brings you a little of what surrounds Blackfen, in the form of an area map.

The map shows many of the locations around Blackfen on which it has a direct impact – and some places that have a direct impact on it! A number of small villages and hamlets are located nearby, including Malthorp, Doyndale, North and South Rilinid, Deepdale and more. Several old ruins can be found in the form of the Old Clifftop House, Westmarsh and the mysterious Tilbury Henge. There is also the presence of Billet Bog and Kirn Swamp, which extends around much of Black Lake. Gibbet Grove and the Hanging Hill, where local executions are carried out, are also notable places of interest that arouse both fear and curiosity in the local population.

Some of these places will be filled out in the forthcoming months, offering plenty of tales and adventure, but some will also be left to your imagination to fill out as you please!