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The Kyngdoms Posts Blackfen Abbey of Fandor

The Kyngdoms gives us more insight into the city of Blackfen with a look at the Abbey of Fandor.

From the article:

After a thorough examination of the city of Blackfen, from the themes that dominate the city, to the people, buildings, streets and sewers, The Kyngdoms exploration of the city now switches to individual places and people that make up the city. Over the forthcoming months we will be exploring a wide range of places located around the city, from churches and city administrative buildings, to inns, shops, and places and people of interest. In all there will be over 70 keyed areas, which will be added to our interactive city map, which will include details about people of interest, as well as adventure hooks and ideas.

In the first of our keyed descriptions, we take a look at The Abbey of Fandor and the Hospital of the Holy Fandorians. Not only is this impressive building the first encountered when approaching Blackfen, it is also one of the oldest buildings in the city. Jarrus Yarmord, the Honorable Magistrate Divine, who has overall responsibility for the administration of all aspects of the abbey and is the Church's most senior clergy in Blackfen, is a powerful individual not only within the Church, but also in city matters, where he sits on the City Council. The Abbey is also home to a small contingent of monks who oversee the hospital that has been a part of the abbey almost since its construction. It has long served the military and though this was widened to the general populace during the years of peace, it has once again found itself caring for the wounded soldiers who regularly make their way back from the front-line in the war with Zykerathox.