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The Kyngdoms Posts Arcane Magic in Blackfen

The Kyngdoms continues their look at the City of Blackfen with an article about Arcane Magic.

From the article:

The latest article in The Kyngdoms' exploration of the city of Blackfen takes a look at arcane magic, the arcanist guild and the Longstaff Wizards.

Despite the fact that arcane magic does not play a significant part in the lives of the ordinary folk of Blackfen, it nonetheless impacts on the lives of the people, who usually regard it with awe and suspicion. As well as a wizard's guild, in the form of the Apothecaries, Alchemist's and Arcanists Guild, the Longstaff Wizards are also established there and represent the dominant force amongst Blackfen's arcanists.

The Apothecaries, Alchemist's and Arcanists Guild are the most powerful guild in Blackfen and, not surprisingly, are largely controlled by the Longstaff Wizards, a secretive group found throughout Arrasia who seek a deeper understanding of all things arcane. They also run small and selective magic and alchemy shops which generate an income to pay for their research and other activities.

All wizards in Blackfen must, by Law, be members of the guild. Although this comes at quite a hefty annual fee, it does give access to the guild library, as well as the invaluable knowledge shared with the other members. It also offers some insurance against any unfortunate mishaps.