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The Kyngdoms posts an article detailing the Guards and Military of Blackfen

The Kyngdoms has another article up about the city of Blackfen. This one takes a look at the guards and military of the city.

From the article:

As we delve deeper into Blackfen, this week The Kyngdoms takes a look at one of the most important aspects of Blackfen life - namely, guards and the military. Even under ordinary circumstances these would play an important role in Blackfen, but with the war raging with Zykerathox and Blackfen being located on the front line of that war, these are far from ordinary times and their significance to the city even greater.

The Blackfen military is divided into four clear divisions, each with its own specific role. The Silver Watch primarily act as guards who police the everyday running of the city. If they are needed for the defense of the city, their numbers are augmented by the local militia, made up of the ordinary citizens of Blackfen and the surrounding area. The Blades of the Silver Star make up the most heavily armed foot soldiers whose primary role is to defend the city against unwanted threats. They are usually assisted by the Shields of the Silver Star, lightly mounted soldiers whose agility and speed allow them to make swift and deadly raids.

In addition to these organizations, Blackfen is also home to two organizations that add to the defense of the city. The dwarves of Blackfen have formed their own regiment, known as the Dwarven Defenders of the Silver Hills, and are a formidable and hardy band of volunteers who have gained a reputation for their excellent fighting skills and bravery. The Watchers of the South, an organization of rangers found throughout Karnish, also have their headquarters in Blackfen where they assist the army with intelligence and advance warnings of potential attacks.