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The Kyngdoms Post The People of Blackfen

The Kyngdoms continues looking at the city of Blackfen with an article on the people of the city.

From the article:

A city is nothing without its people so this The Kyngdoms takes a look at those that live, work and rule in Blackfen. Like every city throughout Arrasia, Blackfen offers a wide social stratum, from beggars and peddlars, through to the ordinary workers who make up the majority of the population, to those at the very top, the wealthiest and most powerful individuals.

For the most part, the ordinary folk of Blackfen are honest and hardworking and live their everyday lives in the face of war and the constant threat of plague. Their lives are, generally, decent enough as their work provides them with enough income for their needs and to provide a roof over their heads, a warm hearth and keep them above the poverty trap. Some can even afford the occasional luxury.

Of course, the city is dominated by the wealthy minority, who can be divided clearly into two: those who inherited their wealth (the nobility), and those masters of their professions who have worked for their wealth. Either way, the wealthy are the powerhouses of Blackfen, controlling the top of the political ladder and asserting their influence over any and all areas that matter to them