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The King Of Party Card Game Up On Kickstarter

There's a lot of party card games out there. Most of them are for a bit more adult crowd. The King Of party card game, however, is safe to bring out with kids and grandparents present. A topic card is drawn, then players go, one by one, saying an answer to the topic drawn. Best answer wins the card and is declared The King Of that topic. The game is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

We're launching this project to get "The King Of" in as many hands as possible! We hope to sell millions of copies, but we'll be happy if even a few hundred people buy and enjoy the game.

The game is simple and goes a little like this: A topic or name card is drawn. Then players go around the room in order each giving a valid answer. Can't come up with one in 10 seconds... you're out! Repeat another answer... you're out! It keeps going until only one person is declared the KING OF (that card).

It's easy to adapt the rules and the game as you wish. Playing with younger kids? Give them more time or skip the "Beer Brands" card. Playing with adults late a night? Feel free to make the answers a little spicy. Want a shorter game? Play until someone wins 3 cards? Or maybe 9 cards for a longer game.

The campaign's a bit more than 1/3 of the way to their goal with still 28 days left to go.