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The Khanate Returns Bundles and Digital Version Available

The Ion Age has released their new book for Patrol Angis, The Khanate Returns, over in their webshop. They have a couple different ways you can pick it up, whether you want a print version with some other bundled-in pieces, or if you just want a digital version.

From the release:

New Book Released! The Khanate have Returned! The third book along with bundles for Patrol Angis is now on general release in print and as a digital download too. Come and get yours! Click through for details about our first army book and alien races to go with the Ion Age miniatures range. All of the early supporter packages of pre-orders are now shipping worldwide. IAB03 The Khanate Return has a campaign setting, army lists, three micro scenarios and much more to offer. Click through to read and see more. Thanks for your support of my little Ion Age, all me, all the time.