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The Keyring RPG Up On Kickstarter

RPGs are fun and all, but it can get to be too much carrying around all those books. The Keyring RPG looks to get around that by making a game that literally fits on a keyring. And, I mean, there's some cards and whatnot to it, too, but mostly you have the notes that fit on the keyring to help you go through the adventures.

From the campaign:

The Keyring RPG is a combination of an idea about a flexible role-playing game and a passion for paper crafts.

The Keyring RPG is a combination of the idea of creating a procedural role-playing game and the discovery of a really cute notepad. Mashing those ideas together gave rise to the Keyring RPG.

Key features (no pun intended):

The Basic Game is very small, only 7 x 3 x 2 centimeters. You can carry it on your keyring.
It features a procedural adventure building system
A full rules set that allows for a lot of flexibility when playing
Five sets of generic maps
Mission cards
Location cards
Obstacle cards
Reward cards
Motivation cards
Character sheets

The campaign's a bit more than halfway to its goal with still 13 days left to make it the rest of the way.