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The Island of Rýne - A Relics worldwide slow grow campaign is on its way

Tor Gaming is launching The Island of Ryne, a worldwide slow-grow campaign for Relics. Now would be a perfect time to get involved in the game.

From the announcement:

Extracted from the private diaries of Dammeus, the Chronicler.

Day for Lokki – 3rd moon waning – 112AD

Something extraordinary occurred upon the damned world of Relicia today. A great eruption in the depths of the western seas sent a huge tsunami crashing upon the coasts of Eard and Unglandan causing massive devastation to both the human and Orcnar settlements. In the wake of the tsunami, a huge island has emerged from the deep brimming with magical energy. I am not yet sure what may have caused this event though I have a few sneaking suspicions, it won’t be long before the peoples of Relicia discover this new unexploited land, I dread to think what the actual death toll might be once this is all over.
We will be running a worldwide slow-grow campaign system broken down into three tournaments. Your performance on the tabletop will influence the next tournament!

Check out the details and get your club registered to run the event and have your results accepted.

Do you run a store? Register to run the event as a store event and increase your sales! Each tournament will see the army size increase and they will be spaced apart to enable the players to get the latest releases into their army lists!