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The Ion Age posts Free Mini for January

The Ion Age is here for you again with their free miniature for the month of January. As you know, you get a free mini with any order you make from The Ion Age (because they think the spirit of Giving that comes up in December should last the whole year round), and that mini changes every month. This month it's the Far Trader, a sort of generic-looking human (on purpose) useful for many different applications. Go and check him out on their site.


From the announcement:

Welcome to 2015! A brand new year and that means a new free monthly miniature in all orders at The Ion Age.

IMP17 Far Trader is a useful 15mm scale white metal Human which can be used in any setting. He is a taste of things to come from us for this new year, which, by the end of it...we will be far more than we are now!

Click through to read and see more. Free in all orders automatically.