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The Ion Age offers Sale for Salute 2014

The Ion Age knows you can't spell Salute with out Sal... and then you put an e on the end... and... uh... this metaphor broke down quick...
... umm... Sale. *shuffle off to Buffalo*


From the announcement:

Alternative Armies presents The Ion Age 15mm and 28mm at Salute 2014, April 12th at Excel in London. This means that space opera fun will be there in force with our entire 15mm Science Fiction range for the first time ever. We will have brand new releases on the day (see later on in this posting), we will have special offers on the day, we will have the guys who design and create the Ion Age that you can chat to and we will be giving away miniatures with every purchase. Plus from now until the day we have a code to use on our website to get 15% off your orders and the option to collect your package from us on the day to save the shipping (you still get Reward Points and the Free Miniature too!). Read on for all the details before your brain melts with the space opera awesome of it all!

The Ion Age Salute Offer 15% Off!

The Code is: salute01

Click on the link to read the longer full posting and all the details.

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