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The Ion Age gets their Duxis in a row

The Ion Age is running special on their new Duxis suits with to special deals, depending on if you want the melee or ranged variants.


From the announcement:

The 15mm scale Duxis Battlesuit early support offer bundles are here! Its been a wee wait for sure but now from the 6th February to Thursday 20th February you can get your pre-order hands on these awesome new miniatures for a saving and with free items too!

As before you can get the ESO Bundles from our website but now you can also order these bundles direct from our North American agent Noble Knight Games who have these bundles and the rest of our ranges in stock now.

IAF030B1 Duxis Bundle One. Three Battlesuits at 15% off and free Pilot and Drone.Bundle value 16.50GBP, price to you 12.75GBP!

IAF030B2 Duxis Bundle Two. Five Battlesuits at 15% off and free Pilot and Drone, free Fallen Duxis. Bundle value 31.50GBP, price to you 21.25GBP!

The Duxis is a modular miniature in 15mm scale cast in white metal. Featuring a two part body, separate head and separate hands it has a high degree of flexibility in posing. Assembled it stands about 30mm tall and you can just imagine the pilot nestled within it. Great for the Ion Age but also for all 15mm sci-fi systems that use Battlesuits or their like.

Thanks for Reading and thank you too for your confidence in all of us at The Ion Age!